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Portable / mobile gantry hoists 1000 kg 


DSW-Solutions is able to offer a range of lifting solutions including mobile / portable gantry hoists.


The lightest and most versatile unit on the market.


Ideal for movement of goods, machinery, general maintenance tasks in new and existing buildings as well as a confined space rescue solution.


Other benefits:


  • Telescopic, extremely strong sections making it ideal for a vast variety of working situations and locations.

  • Multipurpose.

  • Working width: 2500mm.

  • Working height range: 1600mm to 2700mm.

  • Ideal for movement of goods as well as persons for fall protection applications.

  • Lightweight: total assembled weight only 56kg.

  • Single person assembly.

  • Patented design.

  • CE mark.

  • Compliant to international standards.

  • Integral high-strength aluminium construction.

Portable gantry hoist model 2: 1000kg

  • Please contact us for further details.

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