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Lift energy waste ends here.

Our intelligent ventilation system seals the ventilation grill in the lift shaft/motor room, eliminating the open window effect that drains energy up the shaft. This drastically reduces energy loss while constantly monitoring the lift shaft environment for unsafe conditions - all in a failsafe package. And for complete passenger protection, our optional smoke detection takes lift safety to the next level.


Download the brochures here:

dsw solutions

Suitable for existing
as well as new elevators

Simple installation, just a two-wire connection to any VF drive. Completely independent from the original elevator manufacturer, no interference with existing electronics and best of all no proprietary tools/software required.

net zero
dsw solutions

Net Zero

Every elevator requires electricity, however significant savings can be made via energy recovery. Consumption and costs will both decrease. Boost your ESG commitments.

fed up
dsw solutions

Fed up with
rising energy costs?

Reduce your electric bill now!

We store the generated energy and then re-use it automatically to power your elevator during the next consumption trip.

Your elevator will be more efficient!

case 1

Just how much
can I save?

Case study 1:

Low-rise residential building

This residential building has elevators that are of low usage. It was imperative for the cost of the gas bill to be reduced. The PureMomentum covers the cost of their basic annual elevator maintenance contract.



CO2 kg

dsw solutions
Case 2

Just how much
can I save?

Case Study 2:

International Hotel Chain

Due to to amount of rooms and additional conference room service that the hotel offers, the elevators have a very high usage pattern. The PureMomentum achieves over 2,380 kg CO2 savings per lift, per year which equates to more than £1,060 of savings at the current fuel price. With fuel prices likely to increase, the ROI will be achieved in a short period of time.



dsw solutions


Case 3

Just how much
can I save?

Case study 3:

Multi Event building

Are you interested in reducing your energy bill costs?

Where we move and stay every day, we look for effective ways to save fuel and reduce costs, but also to contribute to a more climate-friendly future. Sure it is an investment in the future, however, compared to other energy saving measures like a solar panel system or a heat pump, the price of the Pure Momentum system is manageable, it pays for itself fast. 

dsw solutions

How does it work?

Our intelligent control system dramatically reduces the amount of energy which is lost the elevator shaft.

Controlled ventilation at the top of the shaft keeps the hot air within the building to reduce energy loss. The system at the same time automatically monitors for unsafe situations, in this scenario the motorised ventilation system would open automatically. Our system is also fail-safe.

Significant energy loss reduction

dsw solutions

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  • Can a RegenMaster be installed on any elevator?
    A RegenMaster can be installed on almost any geared/gearless traction elevator with no existing regenerative system. If the VF inverter has a brake resistor then there is no problem. If you are not sure please do not hesitate to contact us. We have an extensive list of compatible previously implemented regenerative drives. Here is just a sample: Ziehl Abegg Control Techniques (Nidec) Fuji Lenze Omron SEW Vacon Yaskawa Danfoss Arkel
  • Is any special software required?
    No, the unit is simply wired into the DC bus on the VF inverter and requires no need to interface with the existing controller. As this is not a safety component, no additional Notified Body visits are required.
  • Is it really worthwhile?
    Savings of up to 70% are achievable. This will depend on the type of existing elevator, trips per day, duty load and speed. We are more than willing to offer you a specific calculation for your elevator. In addition to all of this, the RegenMaster assists the global Net Zero pledge for a greener future for us all. The RegenMaster is also made respectfully to the environment by not using any harmful materials.
  • How much CO2 is used during the manufacturing of the RegenMaster?
    The RegenMaster creates of 360 kilograms of CO2 during its lifespan and manufacturing. As soon as it is able to save 743 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity in the operation of the lift, it has already offset its own carbon footprint.
  • What maintenance is required?
    Due to its compact design, practically no maintenance is required. As with any electrical component, we ask that it is kept dust free to ensure a correct operation.
  • In elevators with low traffic just how efficient is it?
    Typically a low traffic lift may have 80% of its power being used during standby mode. The RegenMaster will automatically use its stored energy to power the elevator during its standby mode. The RegenMaster consumes less than 3w during standby mode.
  • Where can I download the brochure?
    Click the following link to download the brochure:
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