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Micelect load weighing devices

Full product range.

The excellent quality of their load weighing products and customer service, along with the continuous innovation applied to our products and our various international patents, make Micelect the leading manufacturer of load weighing devices for the international elevator market.

Top selling products:


  • CAB800 load sensors

  • LM3D

  • LMC

  1. Under car solutions:

The LMCAB & CAB800 load sensors

The LMCAB control unit is specifically designed for use with the CAB800 sensors.

Programming is complete in three simple steps: 1) zero setting, 2) number of sensors, and 3) alarm values.

2. Ideal modernisation solution:

The LMC wire rope sensor provides an easy and precise solution for controlling the load in traction lifts with all types of roping (1:1, 2:1 & 4:1).

Its quick and easy installation (only 5 mins.) with separate control unit and automatic calibration make it the perfect solution for both modernizations and new installations with complicated dimensions.

It is recommended to use this type of sensor when a signal is required by the lift controller to control rollback.

Main features:

  • Automatic calibration using the wire rope diameter, meaning no need for test weights.

  • Universal rope clamps for all types of rope distribution.

  • Quick and easy installation (5 mins.)

  • Suitable for 1:1, 2:1 & 4:1 roped installations.

  • Models available:

    • Standard LMC sensor with 4000 KG capacity (P+Q).

    • Reinforced LMC sensor with 7500 KG capacity (P+Q).

3. Large range of solutions available:

Click here to download the Micelect brochure for further details about their full product range including:


  • ILC2

  • ILC3

  • LMC

  • CAB

  • VG

  • NWR-4

  • LMC

  • P-WR-BOX-001

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