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Homelift – intelligent supply systems.

Limit your electric homelift to only 200w whilst also running as a single phase unit.

Transform an electric Homelift into a 200W peak power unit. This system is also fully regenerative whilst being able to operate as a single-phase homelift allowing it to run in normal operation for hundreds of trips even during power failure. If connected to solar panels net ZERO energy consumption can be achieved during daylight.

  • Intelligent supply system.

  • Connection to a 230 Vac socket

  • Recovering and storing the energy when elevator generates.

  • Very large number of trips in case of mains failure. Avoids trap-ins in any situation.

  • Very simple optional solar panel connectivity.

  • Quick installation even for existing homelifts.


  • Suitable for new or existing elevators.

  • Reduces peak power to 200 W.

  • The Homelift continues in normal operation even lacking mains supply.

  • Braking energy is recovered.

  • Reduces strongly the elevator stand-by.

  • Expands life expectancy of the drive.

  • Eliminates the need for an additional backup system UPS.

  • Enables the use of solar energy.

Power Supply Solutions Double Spread
Download PDF • 8.88MB

DSW Power Solutions -Français web
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