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Emergency Elevator Lift Power Evacuation for elevators

High-performance emergency power supply system.

High-performance backup power supply for mains failure which is ideal for Firefighting Lifts. Energises the elevator for a large number of trips during extended time enabling complete building evacuation.

Product is suitable for elevators or lifts in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Out team of Engineers will determine the best cost-effective means to deliver power “on demand” to a dedicated evacuation lift in an emergency when normal operations are not possible.

This high-performance auxiliary supply system keeps the elevator running for hundreds of trips without mains. The system keeps the controller informed at every moment about the charge level of the batteries.

The installation is very simple, even for existing elevators with no additional cabling to floors.

Our team will work with you to fully understand your requirements and provide the correct size unit for the particular elevator.

Power Supply Solutions Double Spread
Download PDF • 8.88MB

Product advantages:

  • Supercapacitor powered - conversion systems.

  • Simple connection and easy adaptation to any lift, even for modernization.

  • The elevator controller keeps full control of the system and the elevator (no additional control is required).

  • 48 V battery pack for all models with a constrained size and easy and low-cost maintenance.

  • Regenerative. Recovers the energy generated by the elevator and stores it in the batteries thus expanding the duration of the evacuation time.

  • Suitable for new and existing installations.

What is included:

  • Auxiliary supply for mains failure, providing:

    • 600 Vdc for the VF drive.

    • 230 Vac for controller, brakes, door operators, etc.

  • Low power input to maintain the accumulator fully charged.

  • 48 V batteries, similar for all models. Low cost and low maintenance. The system provides information to the controller about the charge level during the complete evacuation process.

Technical features:

  • Maximum input power: 200 - 500 W.

  • Nominal output power (drive supply): 3500 - 7000 W.

  • Maximum output power (drive supply): 4000 - 8000 W.

  • Energy storage: From 1kWh up to clients's requirement.

Download the catalogue here:

Evacuation and Fire Fighting Lifts
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DSW Power Solutions -Français web
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